Ward 3 District 5 County Committee



Isaac Peng


My wife and I have lived in Piscataway with our three kids for over 25 years. Piscataway has been a great place to live and raise a family and it has been easy to get absorbed in the busy routine of daily life. But Donald Trump’s election has been a call to action and I want to answer that call. I hope you will elect me and my fellow Progressive Democrats so that we can have a place at the table and steer the Democratic Party back to its original roots representing the interest of the common man rather than special interest groups.

My qualifications include past experience in teaching, research and administration. I hold a BA from Queens College and a PhD from Temple University Medical School. I did my postdoctoral training at Cornell University Medical College before joining the faculty at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. After 12 years as a professor, I left academia to become Vice President of Chavant, Inc., a privately held company. I have participated in volunteer work most of my adult life including teaching Pre-Cana and serving on the Pastoral Council at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church in New Brunswick. Currently, I am a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society (a charitable organization helping those in financial distress) and I am a member of the Piscataway Board of Education.



Susan Lopez

I’d like to share with you why I am running for a Piscataway Democratic Committee Woman seat – politics was certainly never on my bucket list but my priorities have changed drastically over the last year! The current political state in America at the national/state and community levels of government has shaken me.  I feel I need to do my part to make my voice, my family’s voice and my community’s voice heard. Last November, I found it difficult and painful to explain to my children how Donald Trump could possibly be our president. Worse yet, we have now witnessed decades of progress getting wiped away with a swipe of a pen over the last months. I have decided that SILENCE and INACTION are no longer options. I want my voice to be heard so my children have a chance at the future I dream of for them.

I was born and raised in Pennsauken, NJ and then transplanted to Virginia to finish my education (BA, University of Virginia, MS, Virginia Tech in Applied Mathematics with minors in Computer Science/Operations Research). In 1985, I returned to my NJ roots to take a job at AT&T Bell Laboratories and spent the next 20 years working in a variety of technical research, product development and business management positions in the Telecommunications field. My husband, Dexter, and I chose Piscataway for our first home to start our family in 1997. As our family grew, I decided to retire from Bell Labs in 2004 to be home with our three young children and my stepson. Although raising kids is a full time job, I was fortunate to be able to spend my spare time volunteering in their various activities between school, sports, boy scouts/girls scouts and my local church St Frances Cabrini. I grew to treasure Piscataway as a place to raise my children – growing up in this diverse town with every culture, race, ethnicity and gender identity has well prepared my kids to enter the global community as educated, kind, compassionate human beings. We have an amazing community and I am proud to be part of it!

My goal - I want to leave Piscataway a better place than when I arrived! I am willing to serve as a Piscataway County Committee Woman and believe I bring many skills and experiences to the table to represent my community. I hope to get to know more of you in our local community over the next few months and learn your concerns. I would be honored to help to be your voice too and hope I can count on your vote on June 6.