Ward 3 District 4



Quiyana Butler


My name is Quiyana Butler and I am running for County Committee because I love Piscataway. I grew up in Piscataway and I'm a new resident here in Ward 3 District 4. I would love to be a leader in my neighborhood and be an advocate for the people. I was inspired by the record number of women that have been recently elected in Congress and I believe that it is our time to shine. I am not a politician! I’m just your neighbor next door who cares about the people of this town. I’m raising a family here and want nothing but the best for my children!










Doreen Wilson Bailey

Doreen_for_website.jpgI have been a resident and homeowner of Piscataway Ward 3 District 4 for 33 years. Having raised 3 children and 3 grandchildren in this community I am committed to preserving the fiber of this community which includes diversity, tolerance, and accountability. The residents of Piscataway deserve to have their voices heard and they should be entitled to complete transparency from their local government.

My professional background is in finance and process development. I retired in 2015 after working for 30 years for a global chemical company with pharmaceutical experience. My role as director included people and process management, development and migration. The scope of my responsibilities covered the USA, Europe and South America. My educational background includes East Orange High School, Upsala College and specialty courses at Cedep University in Fountainbleau, France.

I have no political background or aspirations and offer that as a testimony to my commitment to tirelessly serving the district simply as a concerned citizen, homeowner and neighbor.