Ward 3 District 4 County Committee



Durdana Haque

Let me begin by introducing myself.  My name is Durdana Haque, and I am a proud resident of Piscataway since 1985. I am running for the County Committee Woman for Ward 3 District 4 in the June 6th, 2017 Democratic Primary. Residing in Piscataway for over 30 years, I have seen Piscataway grow into a beautiful town.  However, I believe that like any other town, Piscataway can continue to improve even more not only for the current residents, but also for all future residents.

Community service has always been an integral part of my life. I have volunteered for various programs within our local schools, libraries, mosques, and churches.  As a County Committee Woman of my district, I aspire to aid my community in moving forward and not backward.  I believe that when ordinary citizens like you and I bring about beneficial changes locally, they can spiral into changes that can be felt globally.

With great enthusiasm and passion, I hope to work for my community to bring about economic, political, and social justice on all levels. However, none of this can be possible without your votes.  I encourage everyone to go out and vote for me on June 6!   

Aris Ali - Write-In Candidate

 Aris_Ali_2.jpgI am a resident and your neighbor in Piscataway since 1998. I am contesting the seat for the County Committee person for Ward 3 District 4 in the upcoming June 6 Democratic Party Primary Election as a “write-in” candidate.  

Let me be straight forward, I have never been one for politics and certainly had no desire to run for any seat nor hold any office.  Unfortunately, the original candidate from Ward 3 District 4 was unable to run, and I am thus taking his place upon request by the Central Jersey Progressive Democrats.  Normally, I would have said no and stayed out.  However, after the scandal of the Democratic Party Primary Presidential Nomination process, I feel strongly that we need a grass roots change and ordinary citizens need to get involved at all levels of the political process.  A “business as usual” attitude and “pay to play politics” that we read about in the news on an ever increasing basis can no longer be the norm.  As Abraham Lincoln once stated: “government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish.”  To fulfill this ideal, ordinary citizens like you and I need to get involved.  Our Government at all levels and the political parties have become for the most part self-serving institutions.  This is our own fault due to silence and complacency.

I want all of you to get out and vote on June 6.  Just as importantly, I want my fellow Americans to get involved throughout the year and not just on Election Day to press a button for a candidate.  I implore all of you to get involved, find out what is going on in your community, keep up with news and verify the facts rather than getting emotional before voting. Let us bring real change to the political process, grow together, and be the best example of representative government.

In terms of experience, I have no political experience at all – I am just an average citizen.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University in Biology and various certifications in Computers. Professionally, I have worked in the food and animal sciences fields during the early part of my career and then transitioned to computers for over 17 years.  Currently, I am self-employed and working with kids at a non-profit organization.

I would consider it an honor for your trust and vote to serve you the people of Piscataway Ward 3 District 4 in the Democratic Party Council Committee.  Please go to the “Write-In” column for County Committeeman, and type in my name, Aris Ali.