Ward 3 District 3 County Committee


Judy Payne


Judy Payne has lived in Piscataway for almost twenty years where she's been an active volunteer in the public schools, the Superchiefs Marching Band and Boy Scouts. Her two sons, Langston and Bryant, are recent graduates of PiscatawayHigh School. She has been a Flight Attendant with American Airlines for the past 27 years and is a licensed realtor.

Shortly after moving into her home, she was informed that all the trees lining her street would be cut down. Her response: "Not without a fight".  That started the community organizing that was needed to save our trees. With the help of our neighbors, our trees are still standing today!

She believes that together we can help Piscataway live up to all of its potential as a united, active and healthy community. 






Frank Frolich