Ward 3 District 2 County Committee


Dan Epstein


Dan Epstein is a third grade special education teacher in Franklin Township. He serves as the 1st Vice President of the Somerset County Education Association. He has devoted much of his life to fighting for social justice. He has led many campaigns for progressive causes and candidates, especially for the betterment of public education. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in education, both from Rutgers University. He has resided in Piscataway since 2007 with his wife and two children.









Kamuela "Nikki" Tillman

 Nikki_Tillman.jpgKamuela is a long-time 26-year transplant resident from the East Orange/Newark area. A single mother and a Special Education English teacher, Miss Tillman's involvement with grassroots policy and approach has empowered her to take back her voice in the democratic process and to encourage accountability and political transparency among local and federal elected officials.

The recent national election of Donald Trump and her ideology of being "sick and tired of being sick and tired" of the lack of regard for the voices and concerns of constituents, both locally and state-wide, has prompted her to take action and join with like-minded residents to become actively, passionately, and politically involved.

She wants to ensure that elected officials work amicably with their constituents to have ongoing communications about issues and concerns affecting residents of the state of New Jersey. She hopes her involvement will help spark change and increase dialogue between elected officials and the constituents they vow to represent, as well as help support people in elected positions who uphold their vow and commitment to serve the people.