Ward 3 District 1



Virginia K. Caputo


As a second generation resident raising my children in Piscataway, I am deeply rooted in our community. Running for County Committee Woman for Piscataway's 3-1 feels like a natural progression as a leader.

Ten years ago I organized fellow colleagues to form an administrative union for over 2000 employees. Following this, I became a ranking leader for that organization, chaired the inaugural membership committee for the revived Greater NJ Coalition of Labor Union Women and have served in a variety of innovative leadership roles as a staff member at Rutgers University. 

The role of County Committee Woman plays to my strengths -- organization, education and involvement in the Progressive movement. I am looking forward to serving my neighbors, our community, and our county as we move forward into a rapidly changing future. 





Rodney Vaz


I have been a Piscataway homeowner for 25 years. For the last 12 years I have lived here in Ward 3, District 1 with my wife Laura, and we are proud to live in this warm, welcoming, and diverse community. I also have had the wonderful experience of living and working in New York City where, like Piscataway, I see how people of different cultures and faith can co-exist, progress, and help each other. These experiences have made me a strong advocate for social, political, and economic justice for working families and for our seniors. 

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science & Economics from St. Aloysius Jesuits College in 1984, and I have had the experiences of being a businessman and employer in both Jersey City and Piscataway. I currently work as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for the Pharmaceutical and Financial Industry.

As a former business owner in Jersey City and Piscataway, I am concerned about the movement of good businesses with high-paying jobs out of our neighborhood, especially when I see them being replaced by low-paying jobs as more and more warehouses move into our town. The current Piscataway administration has made Piscataway into a “trucking parking lot” for new businesses.  Besides the daily damage caused to our roads by theses trucks, there are health concerns and danger to our children as they travel to school. As Committeeman, I will advocate for improved quality of life for my friends and neighbors in Ward 3 District 1, and throughout Piscataway.