Ward 3 District 1 County Committee



Anthony Weil

 AnthonyWeil.jpgI have been a Piscataway resident for 23 years. I am a retired chemist with significant R&D experience in the areas of Chromatography/BioPurification and polymer science. I have worked in the lab for 10 years then in scientific sales/marketing and, finally, in the scientific staffing/recruiting field for 20 years retiring as a senior executive in my company.

Growing up in suburban New York, I was fortunate to have loving parents who provided an extremely enriching environment including a great education which has served me well throughout my life. I feel very lucky. I appreciate my good fortune, and I am running because I believe EVERYONE is entitled to have advantages similar to what I had.

We cannot guarantee Equal Outcomes, but we should endeavor to Equal Opportunities For All. It is, after all, only fair.






Virginia K. Caputo


As a second generation resident raising my children in Piscataway, I am deeply rooted in our community. Running for County Committee Woman for Piscataway's 3-1 feels like a natural progression as a leader.

Ten years ago I organized fellow colleagues to form an administrative union for over 2000 employees. Following this, I became a ranking leader for that organization, chaired the inaugural membership committee for the revived Greater NJ Coalition of Labor Union Women and have served in a variety of innovative leadership roles as a staff member at Rutgers University. 

The role of County Committee Woman plays to my strengths -- organization, education and involvement in the Progressive movement. I am looking forward to serving my neighbors, our community, and our county as we move forward into a rapidly changing future.