Ward 1 District 7 County Committee



Jacqueline Littlejohn

JacquelineLittlejohn.jpgI am a long time educator who has lived in Piscataway Township with my family for almost two decades. I have a proven track record as a dedicated professional who life’s purpose has been centered around aiding and developing the minds of future generations of citizens and leaders.

I am running for County Committeewoman because I strongly believes that the interests of voters in our communities are not being properly addressed. Our politics have generally shifted away from addressing the needs and concerns of the majority to a focus on the needs and concerns of the influential minority. I believe that I can use my voice to speak passionately and clearly to the concerns of Piscataway citizens. Education, recreation, and environmental restoration are areas of specific concern.

Our campaign is gaining momentum and growing! We are part of a movement of 60 local residents running to represent the Central Jersey Progressive Democrats’ agenda of social, political and economic change in the Democratic party. Hundreds of individuals have contributed both their time and dollars to this movement for change, making clear that the Central Jersey Progressive Democrats’ platform speaks to the core values of our communities. We are proving that the best way to win is to listen to the concerns of the people then offer concrete solutions. 

This is a people-powered movement – there are LOTS of ways to get involved. We have volunteers out every day making calls, knocking on doors, hosting house parties and much more. Find Central Jersey Progressive Democrats on Facebook to get updates on the campaign.

I am volunteering for this campaign because I believe in what Central Jersey Progressive Democrats represent. Further, I believe that lending my efforts to this cause I can positively impact the people and community that I have called home for almost two decades. 


Abdul-Basit Haqq

Abdul-Basit Haqq grew up in New Jersey, spending most of his formative years at the NIA Masjid & Community Center located in Newark. Already a youth leader in the community, at the age of 21 he was elected to the board of the mosque as their secretary, a position he still holds. During that time, Haqq also became employed by the State of New Jersey. His introduction to the Labor Movement came when he turned to his union, Local 1037 of the Communications Workers of America, for assistance in obtaining compensation for taking off for a religious holiday. His staff representative, who quickly became a friend and mentor, encouraged him to be more involved with the Local, which lead him to become a shop steward. Over the last few years, Haqq has taken part in various labor actions, voting drives, and community service projects through his Local. Many of these activities were done in conjunction with CWAís Next Generation, a program to train young activists and leaders within the Labor Movement. Haqq is also a co-founder of Local 1037's Next General Caucus. In March 2015, Abdul-Basit Haqq joined Local 1037 as a full-time staff representative and is directly responsible for representing 700+ state workers. Currently, Haqq is focused on connecting these two aspects of his life: Islam and Labor, by educating Muslims about workers' rights and the broader Labor Movement in America as well as building bridges between labor and Muslim activists.