Ward 1 District 4 County Committee


 Victoria Garbett-Scrimmager


Greetings, I am a resident and homeowner in the Arbor section of Piscataway, where I have lived for the past 15 years. I am a lifelong Democrat.

I am a proud Piscataway Superchief Marching Band and Drumline Parent. I have been an active member/volunteer of the Band Parent Association for the past 7 years. Currently I am the Fundraising Chair and hold an Executive Board position with the BPA.

In addition to being an active parent/volunteer, I Chair one of our largest fundraisers in Piscataway, our annual Band Festival. I also volunteer for two Piscataway Board of Education Committees. I am a NJ Licensed Real Estate Agent and Notary. I have been active with this career for 15 years. I am currently employed at a local real estate office right here in Piscataway. I also do additional sales in retail merchandising and travel.

I graduated from Science High School and also from Cook College, Rutgers University. During my teen years, high school, and college years, and all the way to present, I have volunteered my time and energies to my children, community, church soup kitchens, and a host of various organizations. I have been married for 22 years and have 3 adult children, and 1 teen in Piscataway High School. I also have two dogs, an American Bulldog named Diamond and a Toy Yorkie named Chip.