Ward 1 District 4



Catherine Hunt


I am a single working parent of three, now glad to be a grandmother. My working years were spent as a symphony musician, in education, in business in Accounting and Sales Analysis, and as an RN BSN PHN in the areas of hospital, Community and Public Health nursing.

When I was school age, we studied Civics in Public School. I learned that we were expected as citizens of a democracy to come out of our working and family lives and at some point take a turn and participate in government and public service. One example given was that of George Washington, who refused to be made a king, but left the Presidency for another person to be elected and to carry the office. Public office was not meant to be a career path for life, nor one's own fiefdom to be kept from everyone else, but rather a contribution to be made for a time, and then left for another to learn to govern and to carry on. In this way, citizens in a democracy share governance and learn self-governance.

When I asked voters to sign my ballot petition for Democratic Party Committee, most people said they'd never heard of it. I asked them if their committee person had ever spoken to them and they said, "No". That is one reason I'm running for Committee, in order to hear my community's issues, and to represent my community in the most basic legislative body of the Democratic Party. If I do my job right, I will involve others in my community, help them learn to represent the community and run for office as I move on.

Because we have a Party system, the Parties choose their preferred candidates for the Primaries, and in New Jersey we have closed Primaries. I'm running for Democratic Party County Committee so I can have a vote in the basic legislative body of the Democratic Party. I will use that vote to help open up the democratic process for all voters in our communities.

I am a lifelong social justice activist, and I am passionate about civic life and public service. I have been an active participant in Our Revolution since its inception and I serve as the NJ Chair of Progressive Democrats of America. I am the Secretary of the Rossmoor Democratic Club, a member of the Monroe Democratic Club, the Treasurer of Medicare for All NJ, a New Jersey Universal Health Care Coalition Board Member, on the Legislative Committee of Indivisible Monroe, a member of the Monroe Chapter of League of Women Voters, and ATNJ Middlesex County Co-Chair.