The Central Jersey Progressive Democrats rely upon the grassroots support of committed Progressives like you!

Central Jersey Progressive Democratic Candidates have been endorsed by: Our Revolution, the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, and Our Revolution New Jersey Volunteers.

We believe that we need to get the corrosive influence of big money out of politics. We support public financing for elections to enable candidates who are not beholden to the corporations and the millionaire and billionaire class to run for office and represent the needs of poor, working, and middle class people.

We do not accept contributions in excess of $250 from a single source in an election cycle without prior authorization of the Executive Committee. We believe that when we all contribute a little, we all can achieve a lot!

Thank you for your generous support! Together, we will build the Political Revolution!

Who's donating

Meaghan Tonkin
Edie Cusmano
mark smith
Adelita Deepan
Jane Rosenblatt
Susan Lopez
Abdul-Basit Haqq
Durdana Haque

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